Things To Consider Before Choosing Glass Shower Screens

The popularity of custom glass shower screens is gradually increasing due to their aesthetic appeal and relatively easy installation. Moreover, these bathroom customizations have increased the value of homes, which is beneficial for people looking to sell their houses in the future. While there are numerous styles available for homeowners, they need to know some things to consider before they ask themselves “Where can I find custom glass near me?” These points allow homeowners to make an informed decision and ensure their homes will look appealing. It will also increase the resale value of their homes in case they decide to sell it.

The things to consider before installing a custom glass panel in their bathroom are as follows:

Compliance with Safety Standards

This is an important point since it can affect the safety of the people living inside the home. If the custom glass does not meet safety standards, the members of the homeowner’s family or the family of the new owner may pay the price for this omission. Homeowners should check the Building Code of Australia since it shows the requirements before they can install custom glass shower screens. All shower screens used in Australia should use Grade A safety glass. This requirement focuses on the possibility of glass breaking. When the Grade A safety glass breaks, it does not break into jagged pieces. Due to this, the glass should be laminated or toughened. It should also have a thickness of at least five millimeters for framed screens. With partly framed screens, it should be at least six millimeters thick. On the other hand, frameless screens should have a thickness of at least ten millimeters.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning the bathroom is not easy to do for some owners. This is made more challenging if the custom glass panels in the bathroom are not easy to clean as well. In this regard, homeowners should choose glass panels that are easy to clean. A frameless shower screen is easy to clean since the entire glass surface is visible. These shower screens have no frames where dirt and grime can hide. Homeowners can also opt for frosted glass panels if they want to maintain a certain level of privacy while using the shower. While these glass panels are somewhat costly, it does meet the personal needs of the homeowner.

Eco-Friendly Glass

With the current trend of protecting the environment, it is sensible for homeowners to choose an eco-friendly glass panel. Eco-friendly glass panels allow homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint. Since people have started to reduce, reuse, and recycle, it is only understandable to practice the same thing with the glass panels homeowners should use for their bathroom. Several custom glass providers offer treated glass that protects them from pollution. Aside from being resistant to staining, these types of glass are also easy to clean. Moreover, they also prevent bacterial growth, which can affect the health of the people living in the house.

Maximize Bathroom Space

Another thing homeowners can consider before they ask “Where can I find custom glass near me?” is bathroom space. In this instance, they can take into account space before finalizing their decision. If space is limited, sliding doors would be the best option. Hinged glass screens are advisable only if they have suitable space in the bathroom. These types of shower screens are also suitable for bathrooms with bathtubs since they ensure the moisture stays inside the bathtub area. The bigger the available space inside the bathroom, the more the options homeowners have with the shower screen they want to install.

Reputable Custom Glass Company

While this may be the last point on the list, it is still as important as the other things to consider before homeowners decide on the custom glass panel they want to install in their bathroom. Even if homeowners have taken into account the previous points, it will be all for nothing if the glass panels are installed by a company that is not reputable. The company should have professionals with the necessary skills and experience to ensure the custom glass shower screens are installed properly. This will allow homeowners to enjoy the newest addition to their bathroom and increase the resale value of their homes.

While a custom glass panel is a welcome addition in the bathroom, it is still important for homeowners to take the previous points into account before they finalize their decision on the glass shower screens they want to install.

Date posted: 2019-10-09 | posted by: norska

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