Types of Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

The kitchen is one important part of the house where good food is made. Due to this, homeowners should make sure it is appealing to the eye. To maintain its appeal, homeowners should ensure they install high-end kitchen cabinets. Similar to how custom made laundry cabinets enhance the laundry area, kitchen cabinets can also provide the same enhancement to the kitchen. But it is also important for homeowners to be aware of the different styles of kitchen cabinet doors. These styles range from simple, down-to-earth types to elegant-looking designed that enhance the entire kitchen. The following are some of the popular kitchen cabinet designs in the market.

Shaker Design

These are the most common style for custom kitchen cabinets in the market. This kitchen cabinet style features a four-piece, single-flat-center frame. Its name comes from the furniture style used by the Shakers, which uses the guiding principle of simplicity and utility. This classic cabinet style can be modified to meet any budget. It can be adjusted to allow it to use any type of wood. Some custom mirror Sydney-based companies can even work with the custom cabinet maker to further enhance this kitchen cabinet design.

Flat-Panel Design

The flat-panel kitchen cabinet design is another affordable style that is suitable for modern and temporary kitchen designs. Many of the flat doors feature wood, but some designs use laminate to cut down on costs. While wood may offer a look similar to high-end kitchen cabinets, laminate provides homeowners with a variety of options in terms of sheen and color.

Distressed Design

Many custom kitchen cabinet manufacturers offer the distressed design for homeowners looking for an antique look in their kitchen. There are various distressing techniques homeowners can select from to provide their kitchen cabinet the antique look. One distressing technique they can opt for involves rubbing off the corners of the cabinet door to give it an age-old appearance. The antique appearance also gives it a similar look as high-end kitchen cabinets. But homeowners can expect the cost to be higher than the first two kitchen cabinet designs.

Thermofoil Design

These kitchen cabinet doors use medium-density fiberboards with a plastic-type coating. It is then placed under intense heat to enhance its durability. Aside from being cost-effective and durable, the thermofoil kitchen cabinet door design is available in solid colors. They also come in an imitation door appearance. While they are durable, they are challenging to repair in case they are damaged. Since they are mass-produced, homeowners can expect them to be more affordable than high-end kitchen cabinets or custom made laundry cabinets.

Louvered Design

The louvered design uses horizontal wooden slats that are normally used on windows. This design enhances the appearance of the kitchen cabinet and makes it look like high-end kitchen cabinets. Due to this, homeowners should expect them to be quite costly. The spaces in between the slats make the design idea for compartments requiring ventilation. This design can even be used for custom made laundry cabinets, particularly for compartments used for drying clothing.

Inset Design

The inset design for kitchen cabinet doors is considered as the most expensive among all the designs. Despite the cost, it is a classic design that can last for several generations. It is called inset since it is positioned inside the frame of the kitchen cabinet. The door itself is designed using exact measurements to ensure it sits perfectly inside the frame. In contrast to other cabinet door designs, the hinges of the inset design are exposed. It is important to take this into account when preparing the budget for this kitchen cabinet door design.

Beadboard Design

The beadboard design gives the kitchen cabinet a cottage chic appearance. The center panel gives the same look as a traditional beadboard panel. Before paint and plaster became widely-used, beadboards were used to decorate walls. While the kitchen may appear clean and bright with the beadboard design, it can be quite challenging to clean the gaps in this particular kitchen cabinet door style.

Custom Design

For homeowners who have no idea with the style they want for the kitchen cabinet doors, they can opt to have them customized. They can even have custom mirrors Sydney-based companies to work with their cabinet door manufacturer to give it the same appearance as high-end kitchen cabinets.

Even as homeowners aim to enhance the look of their kitchens, having a little knowledge about the different cabinet door styles gives them an informed decision when they finalize their plans for the design of their kitchens.

Date posted: 2019-10-24 | posted by: norska

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