Choosing Bathroom Mirrors and Frameless Shower Screens

Glass is used frequently throughout homes to give them a modern look and feel. Of all rooms, the bathroom usually makes the most use of glass products like mirrors and screens. Recent trends heavily favor frameless shower screens which are always made with glass completely enclosing the shower. This glass is either fully transparent, giving the bathroom an open look, or frosted to give more privacy when inside the shower cubicle. Bathroom mirrors are another common usage of glass in the bathroom. How you use these glass products depends on your available space and overall design.

Choosing shower screens greatly depends on the style of the bathroom. Older style bathrooms typically use frosted or tinted glass with larger frames, creating a blocky look. This may be desired to match the aesthetic of the existing bathroom. More modern bathrooms will use lower profile clear glass and many will opt for frameless shower screens to give a clean and minimalist look. When choosing a style, be sure not to sacrifice function. The doors and shower screens should be arranged so that the showerhead is not aimed at the door, causing water to spill out and make a mess. It is also a good idea to invest in toughened glass; this can resist accidental impacts and heat stress. If it does shatter, it will do so in small pieces which are less dangerous than shards from other shower screens.

Bathroom mirrors can be very varied for both size and style. People with space restrictions or minimal storage may choose a cabinet with mirror doors, to provide some additional storage while keeping the benefits of a large mirror. In almost all bathroom designs, the main mirror will be placed above the vanity as this is where it will be most used. It is recommended for the mirror to extend at least 30cm above and below eye level to provide all the needed viewing space. Many bathroom styles look best when the width of the bathroom mirrors match the vanity.

For more information about bathroom mirrors and frameless shower screens in your new bathroom design, contact Norska.

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