Considerations to Make for Bathroom Cabinets Sydney

The bathroom is one of the essential rooms of any home, being necessary for most aspects of personal hygiene. A clean and modern bathroom is therefore very important for comfort and even a home’s sale value. Bathroom cabinets Sydney are important to a successful renovation so high-quality cabinet makers are required. Glass is also a major component of many bathrooms, so renovators need to carefully consider applications like bathroom mirrors and frameless shower screens. Norska is experts in bathroom renovations and can guide you through your bathroom renovation process.

There are some important considerations to make for bathroom cabinets in Sydney to ensure the best quality renovation. Firstly, bathrooms naturally get very wet and humid so materials must be able to withstand exposure to water and resist expansion. Solid wood is not the best choice as over time it will become damaged and crack with prolonged moisture. Plywood is a much more water resilient material for bathroom cabinets Sydney but loses much of wood’s aesthetic appeal.

Other important considerations to make are the space required around or behind cabinets for plumbing and electrical systems. The heights of cabinets that will have sinks or bathroom mirrors on top are also important, as these must be on a comfortable height for use. Themes and color designs should also be kept consistent to ensure an aesthetically pleasing new bathroom.

Norska is experts in the manufacturing and installation of bathroom cabinets Sydney and a range of glass products such as bathroom mirrors and frameless shower screens. Contact us today for more information or a quote.

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