Custom Design Cabinets – Making a Safe Family Kitchen

For many kitchen renovation plans, safety is often an afterthought. This is unfortunate because it leads to safety features being added to meet standards or individual needs later, often being a major eyesore. Custom design cabinets can be modified in many ways which will make them fit perfectly into your dream kitchen with all of the safety considerations which may be required.

In a custom kitchen renovation for families with children, it can be important to consider how access to drawers with hazardous objects will be restricted. These measures may include soft-closing drawers, child-safe locks, which can be figured out quite quickly, or moving the handles or entire cabinet to a higher position. Families with children will also need to consider the edges of their cabinets and countertops for sharp points which could cause injuries. There are many more considerations to make in custom kitchen renovation for families, so consulting a specialist such as Norska will be helpful.

Laying out your custom design cabinets can be a major contributor to safety also. People will inevitably need to come into the kitchen to get drinks or snacks while the cook is hard at work. Positioning storage for common snacks away from the ‘cook’s triangle’ will minimize the chance of collisions which could make dangerous hot spills. Additionally, not obstructing the cook’s main paths with cabinets will make for an enjoyable experience in your custom kitchen renovation.

Kitchen cabinets should also be easy to maintain and clean, being made from materials that can withstand routine cleaning with no side-affects. If custom design cabinets are hard to clean, then the task will be neglected and dangerous mould spores may grow inside. These can severely affect those with respiratory conditions and can cause irritation and discomfort.

For more information on safe and stylish custom design cabinets, contact Norska today!

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