Custom Glass Screens: 5 Signs That Will Tell Your Glass Shower Screen Door Needs Replacement

Home improvements are necessary to preserve the aesthetic beauty and function of each area of the house such as the living room, dining, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. When it comes to the maintenance of the bathroom area the common tasks include scrubbing tiles, cleaning the shower screen door as well as checking what needs to be repaired or replaced. Aside from fixing a leaky faucet, changing an old light bulb the next concern is the shower screen door. Whether yours is an outdated model of custom glass screens or a frameless version, it needs to function as expected. If unsure of the integrity of your current glass shower screen door below are 5 signs that will confirm you need to contact soon a glass company.

1. Rust formation

Most custom glass screens have metal hardware components even for frameless shower screens like the handles and hinges. These parts are also exposed to water and prone to rust formation. If you noticed during your routine inspection rust formation on the metal hardware call a representative from a glass company to assess the issue. A replacement could be the best solution to avoid accidents like a family member getting hit with a dismantled shower screen door.

2. Discolouration on the glass shower screen door

Quickest way to assess the condition of your shower screen according to the custom glass screens suppliers is discoloration on the glass itself. Keep in mind, as we bathe or shower inside this area soapy residue may stay on the glass and eventually results in dirt and molds. When this happens, the appearance of the glass shower screen door may become blurry. For stubborn and accumulated scum on the glass shower screen, the only remedy is a replacement.

3. Presence of puddles on the bathroom flooring

If you frequently stepped on a wet bathroom floor or seen puddles near the shower area this means your glass shower screen door isn’t functioning well. What could be the problem? It could be a worn or damaged shower gasket and water escapes as you shower. For custom glass screens with frameless designs having puddles in the bathroom could be a case of shower door leakage. Again, this poses risks to anyone using the bathroom because falls and slips could arise. If you want to prevent this problem from happening call immediately an expert in glass door replacement.

4. Noticeable cracks and chips

Part of the bathroom maintenance is regular inspection of the glass shower screen door, both for framed and frameless shower screens. If you see large cracks or chips on the glass door this is could be alarming. Why? The glass itself could just fall off into pieces and endanger a family member while taking a shower. The quickest solution to fix the cracks and chips of the shower door is replaced immediately with an expert glass installer.

5. Shower door is having difficulty to close or open

Lastly, among the visible signs that will tell your shower screen door may require replacement is when it’s hard to close or open. Keep in mind, anyone taking a shower and struggle to close or open the shower door may use force and result in breaking the glass door. For your peace of mind that no future accidents occur inside the bathroom have your shower door replaced.

Do you experience any of the above signs with your glass shower screen door? If yes and prefer to resolve this problem now contact a representative at Norska, a leading provider of custom glass screens both for framed and frameless shower screens including the latest cabinetry products.

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