Custom Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas and basic Installation Points to Remember

Before starting any custom Kitchen cabinets renovation work, there are few important information needed to understand the material used in the construction of a kitchen, an understanding for any good kitchen design should be there.

Why choose Norska for Custom Kitchen Cabinets?

· We are the direct manufacture for all types of Custom kitchen Cabinets in Sydney.

· Premium Quality guaranteed on all components of the kitchen.

· We always stand for good advice for delivering quality work to fulfil your expectations.

Before installing custom cabinets in any kitchen, there are certain general rules for any kitchen designs:

· Fridge is usually placed on the outskirt of the kitchen to allow other people access to the fridge without interrupting the cooking.

· Ovens should be placed near a bench and not in a thoroughfare for safety reasons. Standard cabinet units are available for both under bench and wall ovens.

· Microwaves are almost always hinged left, so don’t place in a right hand corner. Safety suggests that microwaves should not start any higher than 1400mm off the ground.

· Drawers are generally not located in corners as they restrict to open the cabinets doors.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Sydney are mostly Floor cabinets with 560mm, then the door/drawer front brings it to 580mm deep, to allow for a 20mm overhang on the bench top. The customization for kitchen cabinets can be done for floor cabinets, cutlery drawers, 3 Pot drawers, 2 Pot Drawers, corner cabinets and for blind corner cabinets.

W at NORSKA offers over 150 colors for custom made kitchen doors to choose from. In addition to deciding on a color scheme, the choice of door type will have significant impact on the final look and feel of any kitchen design. NOTE: All door types used are manufactured in Australia using top quality of material.

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