Frameless Shower Screens for Modern Bathrooms

In recent years, frameless shower screens have become a very popular trend in interior design, almost fully replacing framed alternatives in modern homes. These shower screens contribute to a modern and minimalist design and are best with homes following this theme. However, it is often more expensive than traditional framed screens and requires professional installation.

As the name makes obvious, frameless shower screens do not have a frame. Typically showers will be built like a cubicle with metal borders (called a frame) and glass panes between them. Frameless options remove this and only glass surrounds the shower, brightening the space and making it feel much larger than if there was a bulky frame. They are also much easier to keep clean as frames in conventional screens are a common build-up area for soap scum.  Unfortunately, without the frame, it is difficult to fully seal the shower and water may leak out. This can be limited by placing the showerhead away from openings of the shower screens, but it is hard to completely remove.

Frameless shower screens are a lot more vulnerable to damage and normal glass would break quite quickly. They have to be made with toughened glass because of this. Toughened glass has the added benefit of not shattering as normal glass would, instead of breaking into small, dulled pieces. This is much safer than normal shower screens with glass which forms long sharp shards that can cause severe injury.

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