Frameless shower screens Installation Process

Prior to installing frameless shower screens, everyone has to make sure that there are no pipes or cables hidden in the wall where you intend to drill and begin the installation process for any kind of Shower screens.

The list of components used for installing shower screens are as below:

1. Glass locating post * 2

2. Big sliding wheel *2

3. Track locating post *2

4. Guide Block *1

5. Wall Profile top cover cap * 2

6. Connection profile top cover cap * 2

7. Handle *1

8. 180 degree shape cover cap *2

9. Wall plugs, tapping screw, socket head wrench of three different sizes.

Various tools required for Frameless shower screens installation – level, drill machine, mallet, silicon gun, pencil, screwdriver, tape measure, chisel, Stanley knife, drill bit 3.2mm & 6mm.

Steps involved in the complete installation process are:

1. To ensure the installation level and measure for base area settlement has to be measurable.

2. Mark, drill and fix the wall profile as per the desired measurement, within the minimum and maximum measured area.

3. Positioning Panels – fixing panels to fix front end and side ends of the wall profile.

4. Attaching Track to Front Section – Ensure that the plastic washers are introduced correctly avoiding metal and glass making contact. Failure to do so will void your warranty and may cause the glass to break.


5. Attaching big sliding Wheel to door – Figure out the face of the door and direction the door will close prior to mounting wheels to adjust the height and level from the ground of the door.

Measured Installation and Products are under guaranteed Warranty on installation and componentry of measured & fitted shower screens.

For any further details in regards to quality check and components used for installing any frameless shower screen, connect Norska for more details.

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