How much does a new Glass Splashback cost?

Want your kitchen look that’s classy? Try to put glass splashbacks instead of a normal glassy look for your kitchen. A Splashback can give a classy, contemporary and suitable look as per any adobe. But are you worried about the cost stuff for glass splashbacks? – Both for installation, and supplier.

If you have a plan to install a new kitchen splashback as a part of a complete kitchen renovation or just replacing your existing one, there are many materials to choose from. Like for a ballpark idea you can expect to pay $149 for a pre-cut glass splashback in one particular dimension to be used for. There are plenty of color options in terms of splashback materials. Cost, requirements and how they complement the rest of the kitchen design. Glass splashbacks tend to be expensive – at least twice as expensive as tiling – with final costs often hinging on the paint selected, batch size and how much work’s involved in cut-outs and marks, polishing exposed edges and so onward. Costs may range anywhere from $150 to $400 or beyond per square meter.

There is other costs involved in the installation process for glass splashbacks, like as in the size of the backsplash, the number of glass cuts required as per the layout structure of backsplash, etc. The complete estimate for any kind of glass splashback process has been done by experts of Norska. Call us on 02 9698 9766 for more details.

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