Top 6 Inexpensive Kitchen Design Ideas for Affordable Renovations

Congratulations that you’ve finally decided on getting your bathroom or kitchen renovation for your home. The only glitch is you’ve no idea about how to get spectacular results with a limited budget. So, how can you make your bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets giving stunning and practical without spending thousands of dollars on purchasing high-end accessories? Our top bathroom designers have shared their six best kitchen and bathroom cabinets ideas to enable inexperienced homeowners to get the most impressive results without burning a hole in their pockets.


  1. Keep it simple – The most affordable and visually appealing cabinet arrangement consists of deep and wide drawers and floor mounted cupboards. However, make sure to keep cupboards and drawers separate from each other, otherwise, the whole arrangement will appear like a mess. Regardless of whether you need custom kitchen renovation to get modern kitchens or classic kitchens, keep in mind that symmetry is the most important thing in all types of renovations.


  1. Paint it instead of complete remodeling – When it comes to custom made kitchens in Sydney, simply doesn’t always mean functional. At the same time, a full makeover is beyond the budget of many families. The best results can be attained by simply removing the cabinets or any other removable components, repainting them and then reinstalling them again. You can also add new, more attractive items, such as new backsplashes to change the look and feel of your kitchen even further. In bathrooms, you can refine almost anything, including floors and sink fixtures, by using high-quality paint.
  2. Buy energy-efficient appliances – When shopping at kitchen showrooms for your appliances, make sure to invest in energy-efficient appliances instead of energy guzzlers with useless features. If you are short on budget, forget about the appearance of appliances as long as they have high energy efficiency. You can simply conceal these appliances behind the kitchen cabinet to match the existing décor of your kitchen.


  1. Conceal the cheap components – Concealing your cheap components of unknown brands is probably the best way to attain minimalist and luxurious kitchen styles at affordable prices. For instance, if you have a non-branded stainless steel sink in your kitchen, you can conceal it by under-mounting it into your kitchen countertop. This design will look more expensive and stylish.


  1. Shop online – Many people spend a lot of time in picking the best appliances and components for their kitchen and bathroom renovations. Unfortunately, they rarely get lucky in doing so. The trick is to shop online for your kitchen appliances and take a look at a plethora of designs available online to pick the one that fits your budget perfectly.


  1. Spend money on highly visible areas – One of the most visible areas of your kitchen is your worktop. So, it makes sense to spend a major chunk of your budget here. Depending on whether you want country kitchens or luxury kitchens, there are plenty of choices available in materials in the market. If you are looking for stylish, durable, and affordable options, granite is your best bet. To save money, you can keep the top of your worktop relatively thinner than the edges. To attain a uniform look, opt for the same material for your splashbacks. These were elegant yet affordable ways to renovate some of the most functional rooms in your home.

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