Types of Cabinets for Custom Kitchen Renovation

When designing a new custom kitchen renovation, there are many options for cabinetry to consider, as cabinets are a major part of a kitchen’s décor choosing a style is important. Cabinets for kitchens vary in size from tiny drawers to pantries spanning the whole height of the kitchen. The style of cabinets also varies massively, and residential joinery companies such as Norska can manufacture many different cabinets to suit your kitchen. Cabinetry for a new custom kitchen renovation will typically include a mix of the following cabinet types:

  • Cupboards – one of the main storage elements in any custom kitchen renovation, they typically sit above the counter, the design of the doors and handles is important to the kitchen’s overall look, with a flat and handle-free design working well for modern kitchens and ornate knobs being perfect for antique designs.
  • Shelving – some homeowners love open shelving instead of closed cupboards, providing easy access to see where any items are but possibly being too cluttered for minimalist modern designs.
  • Drawers – another staple of kitchen storage, pulling out a shallower storage space for easy access with less reaching than a cupboard. Many residential joinery specialists can incorporate garbage systems and other specialty storage systems.
  • Corner Cabinets – these make the most use of the corner space, typically pulling a storage rack from the enclosed corner into reach when the door is opened.
  • Pantries – large cabinets usually the whole height of the kitchen to store any food ingredients.

When choosing new cabinets from residential joinery companies, ensure that you consider the space that is available, the aesthetic of surrounding rooms, and budget, as some styles will be more costly than others. Residential joinery specialist Norska can design, manufacture, and install a wide range of cabinetry for custom kitchen renovations in Sydney. Contact us today for more information.

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